Transportation & Disposal Services
Transportation & Disposal Services

Transportation & Disposal Services

AMPOL has an ELD Compliant private fleet of trucks and trailers available to support your projects.

Our fleet includes, but is not limited to:

  • Double rail roll-off trailers
  • Single rail roll-off trailers
  • Bobtail roll-off trucks
  • 130 bbl and 70 bbl vacuum trucks
  • Environmental End Dumps
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Mini float trailers
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Industrial Air Movers and Hydrovacs

AMPOL’s drivers hold at a minimum the following certifications in addition to the required CDL license:

  • Hazmat Endorsement
  • Tanker Endorsement
  • 40 hour Hazwoper
  • Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC)

AMPOL’s transportation permits

Many of our drivers hold additional professional training credentials to allow them to safely carry specialized loads.

  • Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) transporter permit for Non-hazardous and Hazardous Solid Waste and Exploration and Production Waste
  • LADEQ non-hazardous solid waste transporter ID
  • PHMSA registered hazardous materials transporter