Confined Space Entry & Rescue
Confined Space Entry & Rescue

Confined Space Entry & Rescue

Regardless of size and complexity AMPOL provides practical turn-key cleaning and maintenance services to industrial clients by implementing proven methods and technologies. Our field management and technical knowledge offers safe, dependable, cost effective and regulatory compliant solutions for industrial environmental issues.

At AMPOL we specialize in the training and implementation of confined space entry and rescue services.

Our Confined space Entry and rescue program emphasizes safety at its core. Our training program and certifications are essential to the continued success of this service line. Properly mitigated plans to work in hazardous environments can ensure total safety for our crews. In addition, having a fully supplied and trained rescue team on board your projects can safeguard potential threats in such atmospheres that require these contingencies.

Confined space rescue is a subset of technical rescue operations that involves the rescue and recovery of victims trapped in a confined space or in a place only accessible through confined spaces, such as underground vaults, storage silos, storage tanks, or sewers.

Confined Space Rescue

  • Entry
  • Non-Entry
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • High Angle

Air Monitoring

  • Manned- 4 Gas, 4 Gas w/ PID
  • Un-Manned, Area Rae